A hymn on 1 Peter 1:3-9

I’ve taken up the practice and joy of writing hymns. I’ve compiled quite a few under my belt so I thought I might just share one with the world today. It’s based upon 1 Peter 1:3-9. Do read the text first to better grasp the hymn. Enjoy!

There is a day when fears are large and trials are all around.
When I am weak, can barely pray, and no strength can be found.
It is in that day that God doth shine and He makes his glory known
And he bids me seek that living hope of when He’ll bring me home.

I was in love with this surrounding dark but now in light I live.
Called to love the God of whom His son He sure did give.
T’is He whom made me born again as Christ risen from the dead.
And now in hope I look to heaven where Christ is in my stead.

On this journey, a pilgrim bound, each day made more alive.
He is my seal, the Spirit that dwells, comfort and my guide.
I am an alien in this world, my citizenship divine
And though this world will bring me pain, eternal hope is mine.

Blessed be our God and Father of our Lord the Christ
Jesus is the man our God in whom alone is life.
Undefiled and unfading is our inheritance
Though we do not see you Lord, to you we give our thanks.

Father Son and Spirit one Triune God eternal
The savior of the world He is forever my referral.
Indebted, yes, but not in debt so love is what I give
And he is glorified by my rest for he has made me live


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